Refund Policy

The refund for the product is possible if any of the following criteria matches with the present situation of the customers.

If the product Is not received by the customer.

If the ordered and delivered pills mismatched.

If the pill was broken, damaged or tempered.

If the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the pill.

The amount paid by the buyer will be credited back to their account.

We may ask the customer for reshipping the respective order of the product instead of refunding the cost to them.

The customers claiming for a refund after 30 days of delivery will not be considered as eligible to avail of our refund policy.

There is no refund for products if the delivery person failed to deliver the product at the mentioned time. Such as if you are not there to receive the pack from them.

To know the terms of our refund policy the buyer should read the credentials mentioned. Our terms might be different and unique from others hence before placing the order and claiming for a refund the buyer should read the terms. From here you can get the real pills at much lower cost.

To claim the refund of the med you can reach the customer support team or you can write an email to The amount of your purchase will be refunded back to the account you used at the time of placing an order. Once claimed the refund will be processed within a day say 24 hours of time. At times this might take about 48 hours.