Quick Victory Over Erectile Dysfunction

Generic Viagra is a well-known medication therapy for male sexual issue called as erectile dysfunction (ED). A tablet of generic Viagra is required to be consumed with a glass of water. Generic Viagra starts to work under the influence of sexual condition and it owes a potential to treat ED within a period of 30 minutes. You can get the medication in two variants they are Branded Viagra and generic Viagra. They share the same active ingredient and they only differ in their appearance.

The effectiveness that both the drugs provide would be the same. The active ingredient element in generic Viagra as well as in brand drug is Sildenafil citrate. This ingredient is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

The main component present in Sildenafil is the main reason why you are able to get a proper erection. The medication belongs to the group of medications known as PDE5 inhibitors. The medications that are present in the group would work by preventing the working of the PDE5.  This is the chemical which is the main cause for impotency in men. When there is a presence in this enzyme it would block the blood to the genitals. Due to the insufficient blood flow to the genitals the erection in a man is not possible. However when Viagra is taken it would prevent or stops the functioning of PDE5.

You have to know that getting an erection involves a complex process and it is not an easy one. When you have a sexual urge the signals would then be sent to your central nervous system. Due to this process, there will be a release of certain chemicals in the body. The enzyme cGMP would be needed in order to get an erection by men. This enzyme pushes the penis to get and maintain an erection. Only when you are aroused you would trigger nitric oxide in your body. This helps you to soften the muscles that are present in the genital area. Due to this there will also be an in.

Generic Viagra is a drug that gives erection that you require. This medication would work in your body and helps you to get an erection in a natural manner. For the drug to work there is a need for you to become sexually aroused. Once the medication gets absorbed in the body, it would start to working by sending signals to the brain. The brain would discharge nitric oxide in the body and also releases a required amount of the enzyme known as cGMP. You should know that the drug works efficiently in men.

You are supposed to take a pill one hour before the intercourse with the help of a glass of water. You are not recommended to break the pill. Take a tablet as a whole in order to avoid the changing of the working mechanism of it.

Sexual urge is a necessity for the drug to start working and to treat ED. Generic Viagra is perfect solution for impotence.

Men who are above the age of 60 are required to take extreme caution while they are consuming generic Viagra. The medication can be taken by all aged ED men and there is no doubt in it. But, the older patients need medical attention as their tolerance level would be very less. Similarly, men with health disorders and diseases related to kidney, liver and heart are also expected to be extra vigilant during the course of therapy.

Let your doctor know about your complete issues as well as about your medical history. If you are taking Nitrates then you have to be very careful. This medication has a tendency to react with generic Viagra and cause severe issues in the body. Hence, mention about this to your healthcare professional and do not take the nitrates while taking Viagra medication.

Men those who are feeling allergic to the medication need to stop the drug immediately. They can contact the physician quickly when they are experiencing these effects. Dizziness is a commonly experienced side effect with this drug and you can also experience various side effects during the course of therapy.

Generic Viagra helps you to treat erectile dysfunction in a safe manner. Men feel fortunate to have this medication during their treatment. You have to use generic Viagra carefully. The drug can be ordered online provided if you have chosen a legitimate online pharmacy.  Getting generic Viagra online is very common these days. It is not only easy but can also do the purchase in private. In fact you can place the Order anytime of your wish. Get rid of erectile dysfunction after taking this ED medication. Always have a prescription so that you can be really safe during the course of therapy.