Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra

One of the most popular medicines for erectile dysfunctioning is Generic Levitra. It is as popular and efficient as the other ED drugs like Generic Viagra, Cialis etc. Levitra is slightly different from Viagra in terms of its primary ingredient which is Vardenafil. The usage of this medicine is quite simple, it helps an individual to overcome his impotence problems effectively.

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Buy Generic Levitra or Vardenafil in a very simple task; there is no age barrier for getting the medicines from online. Individuals of different ages suffering from impotence can buy Generic Levitra. It helps the person to sustain the erection for a long period of him, which gives the best sexual experience. Generic Levitra drug is extremely safe and genuine. The most used or recommended dosage is 20mg which you can get from

How to consume the drug and what is its prescribed dosage?

The primary ingredient of Levitra Vardenafil is regarded as the most powerful elements compared to Sildenafil Citrate, which is the active composite of Generic Viagra. So the individual can enjoy the equivalent experience by having less dosage of Generic Levitra than Generic Viagra. For example, the performance of Generic Viagra 50mg and Generic Levitra 20mg would be more or less the same. Exceedingly suggested the strength of Levitra pill is 20mg. The medicine will be prescribed by the doctor after he reviews the health reports of the consumer. The medicine has to be consumed one hour before the sexual activity as it could take some time to step into the system and influence the blood flow system. Taking one pill of 20mg Generic Levitra is fairly enough to achieve the sustainability. The medicine has to be taken orally without breaking or chewing, the tablet has to be consumed fully for the desired performance. The tablet should be taken only in the prescribed doses, exceeding the dosage would cause negative reactions.


Generic Levitra has very limited and mild side effects, very dissimilar from the other drugs relating to ED. The side effects are not witnessed by every individual who had taken Levitra, the possibility is limited to certain users. The chance of side effects gets reduced as the time lapses. Some common side effects which are noticed in the users of Generic Levitra are as follows: Stomach ache, color blindness, vomiting, body pains, blurred eyes, dizziness, head pain etc. The side effects do not last of a long time if the effect of the medicine stays for a long time without any alarming reactions that would be the sign of no possibility of side effects. If the Levitra user detected to have rapid heartbeats, stroke, and pain in the chest, he has to be rushed immediately to the nearest hospital. There are some precautions which are to be followed before taking generic Levitra, which would allow the user to get rid of such serious side effects.


Basic guidance from your personal doctor would reduce the possibility of side effects. The doctor could advise you to not to use Generic Levitra if you are found to be allergic to Levitra because of its primary ingredient Vardenafil. Consuming Alcohol with or before having Levitra could become severe and occasionally fatal. Alcohol addicts should be away from Levitra. Having fruit or fresh drinks, especially the grape should be completely avoided while having Levitra as they could lead to serious health threats. It is not advised to drive and operate heavy machinery after having Generic Levitra, as the body can’t withstand such strain during that time. Individuals who are suffering from Kidney and liver issues must stay away from having Generic Levitra. People who are suffering from heart problems and blood-related issues should consult the doctor before you are yet to buy Levitra 20mg, as the drugs consumed to battle such diseases could affect the performance of Levitra. The use of Nitrates and related chemical drugs should be completely avoided while or before consuming Levitra, as it could cause drug interaction which may lead to health troubles. Levitra should take as a complete pill directly with water, it is not recommended to break it. It might lose its strength and could underperform. The prescribed dosage must not exceed at any cost, the side effects would be severe and fatal if the user goes overboard by having additional pills above the prescribed course. As you have the pill, the erection could sustain up to five hours. Those who are stressed out with impotence problems, these medicines would help you to get away from such problems.

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Frequently asked Questions regarding Levitra

Can we take both Generic Levitra and Viagra at once for the better experience?

No! Unconditionally, you can’t have both the ED medicines at the same time. The reactions could be fatal and it could cause prolonged health failures. To experience the best, have Levitra alone. In other words, Mixing it with other ED drugs is dangerous.

Can we have two doses of Generic Levitra, if the results are not satisfactory?

Do not consume an additional dose of Generic Levitra unless you are prescribed or consulted the doctor before doing so. The recommended dosage of Generic Levitra is 20mg per day, exceeding the course could cause side effects like prolonged erection etc. If you do not observe any erection even one hour after the consumption of the drug, it is advised that you speak to your doctor; he could increase the dose or change the tablet.