High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is a very common medical problem that many individual suffer. A survey report says every one person among four has Blood pressure. Men who are suffering from high levels of blood pressure have more likelihood to have erectile dysfunctioning too. Moreover, it creates a necessity to men for having controlled blood pressure to evade the dangers of erectile dysfunctioning or impotency.

As the erection depends largely on the flow of blood, higher blood pressure levels who reduce the sustainability of the erection. It is very important that one maintains good and controlled blood pressure to overcome ED risks.

The following passage would explain how blood pressure becomes a cause of ED:

The erection occurs generally when the men have the stimulation; however, the process isn’t that simple. It requires the help and cooperation from several body parts.

In the process, blood flow plays a very crucial role. During the stimulation, the brain directs indications to the region of penile. As the blood flow is more and consistent, the blood pressure increases and initiates the firmness in the penile region. The brain sends indications to the penile region tissues to halt the blood flow’s departure which helps the erection to sustain.

If the individual is suffering more high blood pressure, the complete process becomes weak and this state could lead to impotence related issues. The veins that are responsible for the blood flow during this period would dilute the entire process and they do not allow the blood to flow consistently.


Individuals who are suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure pressures on several organs and they start functioning improperly. Even erection problems come under this issue. Among every 100 men who suffer from blood pressure, close to 30 men (which mean 30%) suffer from erectile dysfunction also.

Not direct issues like the above, Blood Pressure leads to a lot of indirect problems that affect the sustainability of erection, some cases are stated below:

Hypertension affects the blood flow:

To maintain a healthy and sustained erection, you need to have unaffected blood flow. At the time of arousal, the brain sends indications to the tissues to avoid blood flow departure which helps you in having a successful erection.

There is a possibility of blood vessels getting damaged due to high blood pressure. That eventually causes erectile dysfunctioning. Hypertension is also responsible for raptures that occur in your blood vessels. Sometimes due to high blood pressure, the blood vessels get wounded which could make you prone to heart attack.

All the above process could cause inconsistency in the normal blood flow which affects the men to get healthy erections. Though it won’t affect the occurrence of the erection, it will weaken them and make them to lose their strength.

High BP decreases the levels of testosterone:

The hypertension levels would hamper the level of testosterone hormone, which stays as the most important factor in sex drive. There are lots of studies conducted to prove the men who are suffering BP would lose the levels of testosterone consistently. As the hormone plays a crucial part in causing the stimulation if that gets affected it is obvious that the process of sex drive gets disturbed.

High Blood Pressure affects the sexual performance:

High BP plays an important role in affecting the sexual performance, which could eventually lead to erectile dysfunctioning. The sexual performance gets deeply affected as the high BP does not allow the blood vessels to flow properly towards the male organ. It also makes you challenging to have a firm erection.

Are there any methods to control the blood pressure?

You must maintain a healthy Lifestyle. You must reduce the fat levels in your body. Some studies say that fat content in your waist portion could increase the blood pressure levels.

Ensure that you do exercises regularly. It could be of any types like Cycling, Thread mill, walking, jogging etc.

Salt consumption must be reduced. Sodium is one of most critical ingredient that would increase the blood pressure levels. Having Sodium in fewer proportions or completely avoiding it would help you to lower your blood pressure levels.

Smoking and Alcohol drinking could affect the blood pressure levels. Consuming them in fewer numbers would reduce the risk of High BP levels.

Reduce the saturated fat contents in your regular diet. Include low-fat food including fruits and vegetables in your diet. It would help you to reduce the blood pressure levels.

Though you can take medications to reduce high BP, it could control the BP but do not have them with ED drugs which could lead to a severe drug interaction.